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Friday, January 22, 2016

I am so happy to announce that my blog is officially up and running! I've been wanting to start a blog for the longest time but wasn't sure how to put it into existence. I originally intended on shifting into a blog but I have decided to keep this page separate from my blogging ventures and keep this page fully focused on my music. I didn't believe that I could pursue both of these passions of mine at the same time until I realized, I was the only one holding myself back. People say it can't be done, or that it shouldn't be done, but in the end, you gotta do what makes you happy. It's not going to be easy, but I'm so happy to finally giving my passions the attention it deserves. I just want to thank you guys for all the support you've given me throughout the years.. I can't wait to take you all along with me on this journey. Check it out at and say hello!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last week, I had the pleasure of going to my first ever blogger event thanks to my awesome blogger friend, Arnelle of I wish I had gotten more footage but I was super unprepared since I wasn't sure what to expect. I found myself surrounded by familiar faces, many whom I've been inspired by. I was so inspired that I really do want to take this blogging thing seriously. I threw together a short VLOG for the event and hope you enjoy!

Here are some photos from the event:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I am.. The two most powerful words anyone can use, but few truly understand. I wasn't quite sure how to start off this blog until I came across a series of videos on YouTube explaining the power of these two words. What better way to kick off the blog than by telling you who I am.. Here goes:

I am on a journey to learn who I am and so far, here is what I learned. I am a singer, which is the first thing I ever identified myself with. I am creative, with a passion for music, art and fashion. I am a huge tech geek, working in the Consumer Electronics field for 7+ years. I am drawn to innovative and groundbreaking ideas. I am a big dreamer and a big believer. I am happiest whilst enjoying a delicious meal with those I love. I am on the go, always on the run. I am excited to take you with me. I am confident you will like what you see. ;)

Find the I AM video series here.