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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I AM...

I am.. The two most powerful words anyone can use, but few truly understand. I wasn't quite sure how to start off this blog until I came across a series of videos on YouTube explaining the power of these two words. What better way to kick off the blog than by telling you who I am.. Here goes:

I am on a journey to learn who I am and so far, here is what I learned. I am a singer, which is the first thing I ever identified myself with. I am creative, with a passion for music, art and fashion. I am a huge tech geek, working in the Consumer Electronics field for 7+ years. I am drawn to innovative and groundbreaking ideas. I am a big dreamer and a big believer. I am happiest whilst enjoying a delicious meal with those I love. I am on the go, always on the run. I am excited to take you with me. I am confident you will like what you see. ;)

Find the I AM video series here.


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